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We’re tough negotiators and savvy litigators. We’ll fight for you: in courtrooms and conference rooms. 

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We're tough negotiators and savvy litigators. We'll fight for you: in courtrooms and conference rooms.

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About Us

Who We Are?

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Why Moose Jaw Divorce Lawyer?

Divorce results after a thousand times of thoughts. Unfortunately, many have to carry the impact of it for years. Sometimes, it’s not The End and gets complex you haven’t imagined.

We understand you might be shattered inside, get mentally depressed, and stressed over financial matters after an unexpected separation or divorce. Or you are not getting the support you deserve from your ex-spouse and are worried about your child. However, a little help or probably ensuring the proper rights can relieve you from these difficult times.

Moose Jaw lawyers have a grip on a variety of divorce cases. With a proven track of success in this field, we know how complicated it can be and how the court would respond.

We like to hear from you and fight for you till the end. Our compassionate support and proper legal advice will help you resolve any issues regarding divorce at the least possible time.

About Us

Legal Insights.

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Our Areas of Expertise

Types of Personal Injury Accidents We Take On ​

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Our team helps you navigate all the major issues of your divorce. We provide sophisticated solutions to complex family law problems.

Spousal Support

Need legal advice for common law separation agreements? Our experienced lawyers can help you. Get independent legal advice and make sure your rights or get help for property division with your as per law.

Child Support

Child support is mandatory. It's not always simple. Our team handles every issue from imported income to special needs.

Child Custody

Parenting orders have changed dramatically. We've kept up with the times. We work closely with you to ensure that your divorce settlement or decree meets your children's needs.

Parenting Time

We will help you protect your relationship with your children. Work with lawyers who will fight for your time and who will help you get parenting time enforcement when you need it.

Our work is based on proven divorce settlement experiences that get results through

Why hire us over any other  Injury Lawyer?

Practice Areas
  • Accompanying you throughout the entire legal process
  • Providing proper guidance and legal aid necessary
  • Determining and preserving your merits in the case
  • Supporting you stay firm and confident before the court
  • Knowledge and advice over any legal issues you want

Why do we get most of our clients through referrals?

Because we take care of our clients. No matter what brought you to us today, we’ll take care of you, too.

Contact us to schedule an appointment to go over your family law issues today. Serving Moose Jaw and surrounding Saskatchewan communities.

Why Choose Moose Jaw Divorce Lawyers?

We’ve helped Saskatchewan families navigate divorces for over two decades. Our background in business, real estate, and family law is extensive, and allows us to untangle even the most complex asset profiles and estates.


Need to save a farm or unravel high net worth assets without losing the value of those assets? Trying to protect a business? Our background gives you options.



Every family law case is different. Every family is different. We take a holistic look at your family situation. Is your ex controlling? Will they negotiate? What's important to you? It all matters.



We are responsive and caring. We answer your questions without delay and make sure you are educated on every issue which might impact your case.


We care about you and what's best for you. We won't back down from litigation, but we don't force it when a settlement offer will serve you better. We'll help you secure a divorce settlement that is fair and right.

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