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How to Prepare for a Separation Agreement in Alberta

How to Prepare for a Separation Agreement in Alberta?

When couples in Alberta decide to split up, they often go through a legal separation agreement. This is a legally binding agreement that makes the separation easier. From property division to child custody, financial arrangements to spousal support, this agreement will provide you with a perfect roadmap.

In Alberta, the separation agreement has significance. It includes child custody and support, property division, spousal support, marital debts, etc. In this article, we have shared the importance of the separation agreement in Alberta, the legal insights, the key components, etc. This article will help you to get an overall idea about the separation agreement in Canada and make an informed decision. 

What is the Separation Agreement?

A separation agreement is a legal contract between you and your spouse. It outlines the terms and conditions upon which a couple agrees to separate and divorce. This agreement includes asset division, spousal support, child custody and support, debts, or other relevant things.

The separation agreement acts as a roadmap for your separation. It outlines who gets what possessions, handles shared expenses, and how to co-parent your children. By establishing clear ground rules, the agreement can help prevent future disputes and misunderstandings.

Legal Insights of the Separation Agreement in Alberta

In Alberta, the separation agreement has some legal significance. This is a contract between two individuals who have decided to live separately. The legal separation agreement in Alberta is a legal document that explains the reasons for spousal rights and separation. The legal insights of the separation agreement in Alberta are-

  • Contractual: The separation agreement is a legally bounding contract that outlines the terms of the separation.
  • Adult Interdependent Relationship: The agreements apply to married couples or with a child together for three years.
  • Court Recognition: The court will provide legal advice and recognize the agreement for property division. 

Importance of the Separation Agreement

The separation agreement has significance in Alberta. It plays a major role in providing clarity to prevent misunderstandings between parties. The separation agreement is a reference point for resolving potential disputes and makes the separation easier.

The separation agreement in Alberta works as a roadmap for both parties and minimizes future conflicts. As a result, it reduces court involvement and saves time.  The agreement also allows customization when needed. 

5 Key Components of a Separation Agreement

There are some key components of a separation agreement:


It starts by listing the people’s names and the agreement’s date. This indicates who the agreement is for and when it was made.

Money Matters 

Money is the most important thing to include in the agreement. The agreement will cover things like debts, bills, and financial support. The spousal support and child support is also included here.

Property Division

The separation agreement must include the property division. For example, it will be divided when both own the staff, like the home or the furniture. 

Legal Staff

The separation agreement should also include legal advice regarding the legal staff. There should be certain rules for dividing those between both partners.

Living Arrangements

If the couple has kids, the separation agreement should include who they will live with and when they will visit the other parent.

What Should I Ask for in a Separation Agreement?

Many people have questions regarding the legal separation agreement and what they should ask for. The separation agreement should include complete guidelines on how you and our partner will live separately and maintain all the rights and responsibilities. In a separation agreement, you should ask for things like:

Child Custody and Support

You should prioritize the interests of the children. There should be agreements regarding living arrangements, decision-making authority, educational needs, or parenting schedules. The living standard should also be maintained including access to extracurricular activities and healthcare.

Property Division

If you are getting separated, you should also focus on the ‘net family property’ and ask for the property division. The agreement must identify the assets and debts, including joint accounts, inheritances, and pre-nuptial agreements. Seek fairness and clarity about the property you wish to retain. 

Spousal Support

The duration of the relationship and your ability to become self-sufficient are very important factors to consider. You should consider the factors like age, health, education, and earning potential. Focus on long-term security to rebuild your life and get financial independence. 

Matrimonial Debts

Determine and allocate responsibility for marital debts incurred during the relationship. You must focus on the individual contributions, existing payment strategies, and potential impacts on your future financial stability. The agreement must have transparency to avoid future disputes. 

Retirement Income, Pensions, and Other Income

It would help if you discussed the pensions, inheritances, or business interests that may impact your long-term financial situation.

Do I Need a Lawyer for a Separation Agreement in Alberta?

Yes, you will need a lawyer for a separation agreement in Alberta. This is a challenging task. If you and your partner have decided to make the separation process easier and faster, you will need a professional lawyer.

If the court grants your proposal, you and your partner must obey the decisions of the agreement. In this case, a lawyer must remind you of the dos and don’ts of the contract or the agreement.  Also, the lawyer will present your decisions logically so that the court will finalize your separation agreement. 

How Much Does a Legal Separation Cost in Alberta?

Alberta’s spouses’ most common question is how much does legal separation cost? It is difficult to determine the exact cost of the separation in Alberta. 

The separation cost in Alberta may vary based on several factors. Factors like -the complexity of the issue, the experience, and the lawyer’s location are very important to determining the separation cost in Alberta. On average, a legal separation in Canada costs $2,500. If you separately go for cases like child support and custody, you must pay about $15,950. If you have children, an uncontested separation agreement costs $995, while $795 without children issues. If you have complexities in your issue, you need to pay extra money for that.


Separation agreement is a very important aspect in Alberta. If you are going for a separation, you should be prepared, understand the key components, seek legal guidance, and prioritize clear communication. Take legal advice and follow all the steps to transform this process into an opportunity for a smoother transition to your next chapter. 


What should I do to prepare for separation?

You need to prepare yourself before the separation agreement. You need to gather financial information, see a get, and focus on the big picture to get support legally. 

Can you be separated and live in the same house in Alberta?

Your divorce formalities may need one year to be implemented. Within this time, you and your partner can wait while living in the same home during the year of separation.

Do you need a separation agreement before divorce in Alberta?

Yes, you must need a separation agreement before divorce in Alberta. You should agree to finalize the divorce and protect the property matters.

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