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Legal Age to Move Out in Canada

Legal Age to Move Out in Canada

Thinking of moving from your home? Moving away from your family’s home is a big step. But in Canada, the age you can do this changes depending on where you live. It is not just about how old you are but also about what the rules say and your safety.

Knowing the age when it is legal to leave home is important. It helps you understand when you can make choices independently and what responsibilities come with it. 

This article will discuss important facts about the legal age to move out in Canada. Let’s get started!

When You Can Move Out in Canada?

Every place in Canada has its own rules about when you can leave your family’s house. Remember, there is a difference between when you are seen as an adult by law and when you can leave home alone. What you can do and what your parents say matters in this decision. There might be legal problems if you leave home before you are allowed.

What is the Legal Age to Move Out in Canada?

In Canada, people might think the age to leave home is always 16, but that is not true. Different provinces have their own rules. Let’s take a closer look at some places:


In Alberta, you can think about leaving home when you are 16. If your parents are not treating you right, the law might help you make independent choices.

British Columbia

Things are different in British Columbia. It would be best to wait until you’re 19 before you can move out without needing your parents’ say-so.


When you turn 18, the law sees you as a grown-up in Ontario. You can live independently at this age without your parents’ permission. You can decide for yourself where to live or what to do without always having to listen to your parents.


When you turn 18 in Quebec, you are considered an adult by the law. You are given more freedom to take care of things without always needing help from your parents.

When you are 16, you might feel grown-up but still seen as a minor in some places. This means there are rules you must follow even if you can leave home at that age. 

Knowing the legal age to move out in Canada is essential. It helps you understand about living independently. As a result, you can make the right choices and get help if needed.

When Can a Young Person Leave Home for Safety?

Leaving home when you are young can be a significant decision. Sometimes, it’s because you need to be safe. But when is it okay for a young person to leave home in Canada for safety reasons?

In different parts of Canada, the rules about leaving home can vary. Some might think you can leave at 16 without asking your parents, but that might not always be true. Rules change from place to place. In some areas like Alberta or Newfoundland, you might be seen as an adult at 16. However, in other places like British Columbia, you need to be 19.

Sometimes, home isn’t safe for a young person. There could be bullying, abuse, or other things that make it hard to stay. In these times, a young person might need to leave to be safe.

Before deciding to leave, it is important to plan. Thinking about where to go, what to take, and who to ask for help can make things easier. Leaving home for safety is a big decision. Talking to someone who can help, like a trusted adult or organization, is important. 

Therefore, leaving home for safety is tough, but asking for help is okay. Knowing the rules and finding support can make it easier for young people to leave home to stay safe.

What Are the Legal Rights and Restrictions in Canada?

Reaching the age of majority brings about several rights and privileges. It is when you can make more independent decisions about your life, including entering contracts, voting, and making legal choices. This age varies by province, typically falling between 18 and 19.

Legal Rights When You Are Old Enough

  • When you are old enough, you can handle your own money. That means opening a bank account, making deals, and handling money.
  • You get to pick where you want to live as an adult. You can rent a place or choose where to stay without your parents’ permission.
  • Grown-ups have more say in what they want to study. They can pick universities they like without asking their parents.
  • You must be responsible for your actions as an adult. Breaking the rules can have consequences, even if you are old enough.

Different Rules for Different Places in Canada

  • Every province in Canada has its age for being a grown-up, which means what you can do might change depending on where you live.
  • Ask someone who knows the laws if you need clarification on the rules. They can help you understand what you can and can’t do.
  • When you are older, learning when to say yes or no to things like medical stuff or contracts is important.

When you are old enough to move to Canada, it is all about balancing what you can do independently and what you still need to learn. Knowing the rules for your province and getting help from people who know about laws can help you make smart decisions as you grow up.


The legal age to move out in Canada varies by province. If the home is unsafe because of bullying or abuse, some places can help find a safe place to stay. When you become an adult, you can handle your money, choose where to live, pick your university, and be responsible for your actions. But the age when these things start depends on where you live.

Knowing the rules in your area is important, and asking for help is okay. As a result, understanding the laws can help you make good decisions as you grow up.


Can I Leave Home at 16 Without My Parents’ Consent in Canada?

Yes, a person can leave home at 16 without their parent’s consent in Canada. However, they may still have certain legal obligations, such as attending school until age 18, and child protection laws still apply.

Will my parents still support me if I move out at 16?

If you are under 18 and move out, your parents may still have to financially support your basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing. However, once you reach the legal age, you can live independently.

What should I consider before deciding to move out?

Before making this big decision, consider where you will live, how you will support yourself, and whether it is safe to leave home. Also, it is a good idea to seek advice from trusted adults or organizations to help you make the best choice.

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